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Hi Guys!!!

This post is probably the last post in our blog

Because this blog it's a project of my school
And this post it's a last post my teacher asked

But in this post I talk about "My Experience With The Blog"


There are many things I can talk about here, but I have selected some of these things.

It's a very good experience , you can express your fellings and very more. 

I learned several things about science and technology , and you can also learn several things with your future blog.

I recommend that you create a blog too, you may need some money, you can make some money from the blog.

Or you need a funny thing to do , you creat a blog.

It's bad , but

That was all I had to say, then, bye :-(

(Science)(SPECIAL FATHER'S DAY)What's You Can To Give For Your Father In The Special Father's Day!!!

Hi Guys!!! 

In this post im talk about the "Special Father's Day"!!!

You can to give for your dad a shoes, T-shirt, pants, cap and infinites things. 
But in this post i'm talk about diferents gifts for your father!!!

You can take your father to lunch, wath a movie, watch a football game, swim, to jump a little and more.

But you can to know about your father for to give for him a special gift!!!
And it's from here that comes to science: )

Lunch Link:

Watch a Movie Link:

Watch a Football Game Link:

Swim Link:

To Jump a Little Link:

(Technology)A Good Stroll for the Holidays!!!

Hi Guys!!!

Guys in this post I talk about the museum of Steve Jobs in São Paulo(SP).This museum is one of interaction. In the museum you can see the first Macs, photos of Steve Jobs, about the life of Steve Jobs and very more!
The museum location is: Av. Europa, 158 - Jardim Europa, São Paulo - SP, 01449-000
Link to museum site:

(Technology)Robots That Identify Human Emotions Dominate The Fair Viva Technology in Paris.

Hi Guys!!!

In Paris in days 15, 16 and 17 it occurred the fair Viva Paris, that had several attractions,but there is an attraction that dominated the fair that were the robots that perceive the human emotions.I liked several robots but one that caught my eye, was the robot Dumy.Among its functions, one of them is to protect the user.Dumy can recognize various types of gases like propane, methane and butane.Dumy is connected to an application, which must be installed on the mobile phone. In case of an accident, Dumy communicates with the user. Dumy can also be attached to the wristband with heart rate monitor while you sleep. It is very good for children and seniors. If there is an anomaly, notify a family member through the emergency application or service.

That was all I had to say, then, bye ;-)

(Special Junina Party)(Science)How the Balloon Flies?

Hi Guys!!!

In this post I talk about how balloons fly.

The air inside the balloon is hotter than outside. Thus, the mass of air not inside the balloon is smaller than the one occupied and is cold and therefore, by difference of density (relation between mass and volume), the balloon increases.

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(NEWS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY)Nokia 3310 "The Brick" it is Relaunched in Finland!!!

Hi Guys!!!

In this publication, I talk about the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 "the brick" in Finland.

"The Brick" phone from Nokia will have a 2 megapixel camera with flash for simple records and headphones. Connectivity will be 2G with limited capabilities for Internet browsing. The capacity will be only 16 MB, but will allow the entry of a MicroSD of up to 32 GB.

It also has 3 new models with Google's Android platform, and they will also cause a lot of nostalgia for the people of the 2000s.

That was all I had to say, then, bye ;-)

About the Blog!!!

Hi Guys!!!

My name is Gabriel, I have 11 years old, this  blog is about Science and Technology.
I created this blog because in my school i have a tech english class and this is one project of this class.
In this blog I talk about several things about science and technology.
If you want me to talk about something of your interest, just write in the comments!
Do not forget that every week you have new posts!!!

 That was all I had to say, then, bye ;-)